Breast Torture



Breast Torture


Braless Bra: The ultimate in mini bras, as the breasts are lifted up and out stretched to fit the Doms desire. The open construction allows full view of the breasts. A devious and very unique device, supported on a leather backed plate between the breasts and attaches to the collar. Note the wearer must have pierced nipples ( Measurements 14, 30,31, ) Item No. H400 - $72.45

Non-Slip Bra: A very ingenious contraption that is very titillating. The cups are of leather with a series of nice spikes attached. Closure is by leather strap and buckle as is the center strap. Great for the female or male sub. ( Measurements 1, 29, 30 ) Item No. H110 - $61.00

Bra Harness #1: This harness features soft leather straps with three buckle closures and 20 & 25mm wide straps. ( Measurements 3, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30,32 ) Item No. H101 - $42.00

Bra Harness # 2: This harness is the same design as Bra Harness # 1 with the addition of removable nipple rings, attached to the harness by velcro. ( Measurements 3, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 32 ) Item No. H102 - $49.60

The Breast Clamp: This beaut device is designed to squeeze both breasts. Constructed of 2 timber pieces 25mm square, 530mm long, with 3 threaded rods and wing nuts. Finished in a very nice shiny black enamel paint. Screw up the wing nuts and you have a pair of clamped breasts. ( Note not suitable for the small breasted sub. ) Item No. H404 - $49.30

Nipple Developers: These toys are ideal for bringing out inverted nipples and also works wonders. With patient and consistent use this tool will enlarge most nipples. Item No. J100 - $12.60 ( pair )

Titillators & Chain: The adjustable loops hold nipples firmly - no need for piercing, as long as the nipples stand out reasonably. This piece is great for wearing under clothes as a constant tease. Please state gold or silver when ordering. Item No. J101 - $18.80

Small Clamps: These clamps are coated in latex and are joined by a chain. This item is reasonably severe. Item No. J111 - $24.80

Medium clamps Adjustable: This set of clamps has been reported to be less painfull. These clamps are also dipped in latex and joined with a chain. They can be adjusted from "no pain" to "severe pain". Item No. J113 - $28.00

Long Adjustable Clamps: These clamps are also dipped in colourful latex and joined with a chain. Item No. J115 - $24.80



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