Leather Collar #1: A plain leather collar (25mm wide) with 1, D-ring attached to it for securing a sub or linking to a leash. A great collar for basic scenes and bondage use. (Measurement: 14) Item No. A449 - $36.00


Leather Collar #2: This collar is 75mm wide and V-shaped with 4 attached D-rings and set with metal studs. Double straps and buckles secure the collar around a sub's neck -- perfect for making a lovely slave hold their head up high. (Measurements: 14, 15) Item No. A450 - $59.80




Leather Collar #3: Collar #3 is a simple leather collar (40mm wide), with one attached D-ring and a buckle closure. (Measurements: 14&15) Item No. A451 - $34.

Leather Collar #4: A studded leather collar, 40mm wide and set with 3 D-rings. (Measurements 14, 15.) Item No. A452 - $49..00

Decorative Dress Collar: Made of sculpted black leather, decorated with dangling chains -- a very eye-catching piece for that special time. (Measurements: 14, 15 )Item No. A492 - $56.50

Secret Plaited Collar: This soft flat plaited leather collar is 10mm wide, finished with a small polished padlock. Ideal for permanent wear, great for the full time submissive. (Measurement: 15) Item No. A500 - $33.50

Stainless Steel Collar #1: This locking steel collar has a soft leather lining and is 24mm wide, with a D-ring for attaching a leash. It is a stunning collar for formal wear, making a bold statement of ownership. (Measurements: 14, 15) Item No. A484 -$48.00

Stainless Steel Collar #2: Collar #2 is 30mm wide, lined in soft leather and has a D-ring for attaching a leash or binding a sub. (Measurements: 14, 15) Item No. A485 - $51.80

Stainless Collar #3: 40mm wide collar, lined in soft leather and with 3, D-rings...perfect for attaching a subbies wrists to the collar and a leash to the front, a wonderful tool for displaying a sub. (Measurement: 14, 15) Item No. A486 - $65.00

Stainless Steel Wrist/Ankle Cuffs: These are a great addition to match up with the stainless steel collar. 40mm wide lined with a soft leather and a D-ring attached. (Measurement 23 and or 10 or both.) Item No. A490 - $90.80 pair

Stainless Steel Collar #1
front & back photos
(Item A484)

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